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Jain Shikanji. At Jain Shikanji Modinagar, Jain Shikanji is a very popular and well-known brand in North India. we pride ourselves on the Quality & Taste of our Jain Shikanji. Our Zesty Lemon Drinks are one of a kind and well known across Delhi, Gurgaon, Meerut, Roorkee & several other Cities.  they offer a better alternative to snacking than the traditional big Names like Coke or Pepsi.  So keep checking with us often to catch our latest products! you will get snacks and beverages with Jain shikanji. It’s not only a shikanji shop but there you can also get yummy snacks like paneer pakoda or light drinks as well. So, with shikanji you will get many more things to eat and drink.



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    Nh-58, Kadrabad, Near Keshav Garden Farm House, Modinagar (Uttar Pradesh)

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