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Jain Shikanji. At Jain Shikanji Modinagar, Jain Shikanji is a very popular and well-known brand in North India. we pride ourselves on the Quality & Taste of our Jain Shikanji. Our Zesty Lemon Drinks are one of a kind and well known across Delhi, Gurgaon, Meerut, Roorkee & several other Cities.  they offer a better alternative to snacking than the traditional big Names like Coke or Pepsi.  So keep checking with us often to catch our latest products! you will get snacks and beverages with Jain shikanji. It’s not only a shikanji shop but there you can also get yummy snacks like paneer pakoda or light drinks as well. So, with shikanji you will get many more things to eat and drink.

Is Jain Shikanji Famous?

Why Jain Shikanji? We are very much aware of the various advantages of Jain Shikanji. From being a refreshment to a light beverage in a café, Jain Shikanji Modinagar fills the need for many beverages in one. For weight watchers, this is one solid beverage they ought to add to their ordinary rundown. Jain Shikanji contains 4 essential ingredients: water, salt, sugar, and fresh lemon juice. While the health benefits of these four ingredients are countless separately, combined they form a powerful drink to help your body detoxify efficiently.

The lemon juice in Jain Shikanji will help break down the waste in our digestive tract. Usually, on weight loss diets the main issue with many dieters is constipation. Jain Shikanji will help counter this situation. Other than this, lemons are great sources of vitamins and minerals and will ensure that your immunity is not affected despite being on a weight loss regime.

The salt and sugar present in Jain Shikanji will assist you with expanding your digestion and keep the potassium and sodium levels in your body under control. One more significant downside of most eating regimens is supplement lack and subsequent loss of energy. Drinking Jain Shikanji will assist with countering this deterrent too.

Difference between shikanji and Nimbu Pani: –

Somebody created nimbu pani quite a while back however People have been making and drinking shikanji since the Mahabharat time. In the Book of Mahabharat, the strategy for making shikanji is depicted too. Before making shikanji individuals made sugar syrup by saving it in the sun for 4-5 days.

There are a lot of differences in the meanings of nimbu pani and shikanji. The meaning of nimbu pani is very simple: ‘lemon in water’ but the meaning okanjiji is different, the name of shikanji is taken from the word ‘shikanja’. Shikanja was the small little wooden contraption used to squeeze lemon.

What is shikanji made of ?

The method of making shikanji is different from nimbu pani! Earlier people made sugar syrup for shikanji by mixing sugar with water and keeping it in the sun for 5 days. For making nimbu pani, people just squeeze lemons in water and add salt.

Recipe for shikanji-

  • In a jar take four cups of water. Squeeze two lemons into the water. You can squeeze three limes too.
  •  Take 6 to 8 tablespoons of white sugar and 1 teaspoon of black salt. Black salt gives a blasting flavor to the shikanji.
  •  Add 1 teaspoon of roasted cumin powder and mix it well in water. Taste it a little bit and add more sugar if it is needed.
  • Fill the shikanji in the glasses. Add ice cubes and If you like sweet basil seeds then add soaked sweet basil seeds in the shikanji. Garnish it with mint and it will look great. Now, serve this and enjoy.



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